From A(rnhem, Holland) to A(Andalucía, Spain)

In English. First a short explanation to the spanish followers of this blog:

(De excepción, lo siguiente estará escrito en Inglés. Se trata del viaje planeado, de que había hablado antes aquí ya en español:
Me conviene bien poder referir a este artículo en la hora de encontrar algún interesado que no domina el Castellano.)

First an update of the below printed plan; I had to cancel it. But good things won´t get forgotten, so maybe next year….

Almost 5000km in a sea kayak from the innerlands of The Netherlands to the very south of Spain, starting in May 2020:

Seeking company..!?

Do you like to go with me? Send me a message and we´ll discuss it.

It probably will be a solo trip since it can´t be expected to meet others who are just as crazy as I am, but nevertheless I am open to paddle with others, just for a stretch or maybe even during the entire expedition. I will start in the beginning of May in the city I used to live, called Arnhem. And will end where I started to paddle, a few years ago, the entire south and east coast of Spain, in a place called “Isla Cristina”. I might go on a few days more to end the trip in Cádiz, where a lot of befriended padllers live.

To be very honest, I never did an expedition on my own this big. The most important thing will not be finishing, but enjoying the days, and above all; as save as possible. So there we have two built-in back doors, if one of these conditions fail, I surely will allow myself to interrupt the expedition and quit. Just to stay at the safe site.

To complete the entire trip, which is of course the idea so far, I guess I will need between four and six months. That means a daily average of about 25 km. I´ll carry a tent and all the other stuff needed to go unsupported. Although without doubt campings will be inavoidable, on the quite parts I won´t hesitate to just camp anywhere. On my way I will record images in order to later produce videos with the footage.

Interested to learn more details? Please let me know!